Cute little girl lip syncing to Maroon 5's 'Girls Like you' with her dad is the most viewed viral video on the social media today. ~ girl singing with her dad ~ Cute girl video sings with her father ~ dad and daughter's love. @mydarlingmyla
Cute baby girl Myla and her dad lip syncing to Maroon 5's 'Girls like you'

Some relations are just pure love, and probably words are insufficient  to express that love. Relation between father and daughter is something which can’t be expressed in words as well. Recently a video of father daughter duos has gone viral on twitter and Instagram. This video would be the best thing to see and no wonder you will end up watching it over and over again. This adorable video has been captures the cute duo of father daughter who were seen lip-syncing to the song “Girls Like You”, of famous band Maroon 5. 

This video shows the best lip syncing of Myla along her dad, in the post bath ritual. The little toddler beautifully syncs to the lyrics of the song, even though her dad is missing some lines. Myla’s bond with her dad clearly states that she is the princess of her dad. This viral video will truly make your day. Myla is truly blessed with the best. Her lip sync with the song is wonderful. It is exactly how her mommy “Trina Wesson” described in her previous post while posting about the little member adding to their family. Yes, Myla’s baby brother is on his way and will be soon at any time in this month. Myla’s mom has officially shared the birth month of the new member. While sharing this official post, she shared that if Myla’s brother would be anything like his sister, then he’s gone be right on time. This statement states that Myla is truly blessed with the timing skills. 

The official post of Trina on her Instagram was- “Welp, it’s officially birth month and our official countdown until little dudes’ arrival has begun! If he is anything like his mama he will be late, anything like his dada, he will be early, and anything like his sister he will be right on time.” Right after this post, she has shared this beautiful video, which has gone viral within a short span. People are not only loving this video, but are also surprised with the cuteness of little Myla during her lip sync on the song.

Myla with her dad

Myla's solo performance!

Myla with her Mom

and with her baby brother! :)